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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

49 v Aleks

Pretty clear from the very opening stanza that Aleks is the counterpuncher/brawler and 49 is the technician with Aleks timing a knee left hook from 49's lazy jab. 49 switches levels from a jab to a right hand to a leg kick, Aleks counters with a grazing left and a heavy right to the cheek. Aleks follows up with a WILD left right swing and miss haymakers which miss due to Aleks being a step to far away, 49 ties the single but ends up in the over/under against the ropes. 49 looks stronger in the clinch but ends up with his back against the ropes.

49 pushes forward and both men are at the centre of the ring with no clinch, where every fight fans wants to see these guys with kod calibre. Aleks HEAVY right from distance, which 49 manages to slip and both end up in the clinch and back to striking distance after a VERY brief clinch.

Aleks, looking very light on his fight now and circling away from 49's power hand lands 3 stiff, if undamaged jabs, making 49 look slow when he tries to counter off each successive one. Alexs changes direction, shifts right and lands the strongest punch of the fight so far, Sergei looks perplexed. Both throw combos which miss, Aleks looks MUCh lighter on his feet, making 49 look slow and ponderous, peppering 49's legs which thudding kicks then smiling.

49 ties something different by throwing leg kicks body punches and jabs, all which are avoided by Aleks simply by taking a step back. It's clear Aleks is faster than 49, and the both end up in Aleks in a standing guillotine, but the sub is no where near close as Alkes doenst have his elbows above 49's ear, just a holding position.

Both break clear of the clinch , Aleks lands two grazing 1-2's to 49's left which just misses then sweet spot. 49 briefly remembers his boxing fundamentals and puts his weight on his front foot and snaps a jab into Aleks face, which Aleks slips by twisting his hips to the left with feline like reactions.

Now both stand in range and start swinging.. 49 counters a WILD step in jab with a sweet fake left HARD right straight to the jaw of Alkes which drops him to to MAT. This is getting really exciting as 49 swings and misses but ends up in full mount, Aleks doing a good job of manoeuvring his hips so he doesnt take too much clean punishment

Both guys are very slippery now but Aleks does a god job of buying himself some time and stopping 49 from posturing up. 49 lands some left and rights to the temple, Aleks tries to buck but fails. After a few realatively quite moments Aleks tries once again to buck 49, but it only ends up with 49 standing on top of him in up/down position gaining full leverage on his gnp. Aleks does his best but eats ome very hard left hands to the face, and 49 mixes up his shots well to the body. Aleks mananges to pull full guard but the round is lost alreadt

10-9 49

Round two starts, 49 swings wildly, again Alkes simply takes a step back and avoids any punishment. For the next 2 minutes, it's clear that nothing significant lands, but Aleks is taking the round with about 3 stiff jabs, his hand speed is clearly superior

THEN comes the desisive moment of the fight, Aleks lands a very heavey right straight out of no where which drops 49. 49 scrambles for a single but Alkes is on top in side control landing sucessive left hands like a Cosy Powell snare drum solo . Aleks then throws some knees to 49's face, then it's all she wrote for 49
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