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Default The Pedro Rizzo appreciation thread

There's a lot of talk of Pedro being a can that's being fed to Fedor, and at this stage it might be true. This is just a thread to pay a little appreciation to a guy who carried the can during the UFC's ''dark ages''

The guys had some good wins as well as some tough losses. But there is no doubt the man is a true fighter

Pedro's biggest weakness' during his prime was sometimes he just didnt fight to his full potential. But in an era of grappler's, Pedro should be credited for bringing high level technical striking to the UFC's HW division

At his best the man was in some very entertaining fights with Barnet, Tre and Tank, and had his fair share of bad fights as well

Probably not an ATG but c'mon people show Pedro some love, he even made fights with Monson and Severn enjoyable

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