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Default Re: Andy Hug appreciation thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
What a minute, you're telling me that wasn't really the Milli Vanilli guy?

****, for a few moments there I really belived that justce was possible!

Once he tasted a hint Andy's power don't think he fancied it. He looked really nervous. I think your spot on about "Just liked giving far more than receiving", he had that kind of unsetteledness about an untested fighter. The kind of guy that looks great in the pads but folds in the trenches.
I was blindly assuming it actually was the Milli Vanilli guy. But who would ever know with Milli Vanilli when it came to real or imaginary.

Whoever the guy was, he fought like a very nervous fighter. Simply attacked with reckless abandon in the hope that the other guy wouldn't then be able to attack him.

I liked his attempt at an axe kick in the corner at one stage. Good flexibility, but missed the target.
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