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Default Re: Rico Ramos vs. Efrain Esquivas

Alright...I'm making a special one-time executive decision here.

Being that it's so few bets (2 on the under, 1 on the over) and a relatively small amount of money involved...I'm going to go ahead and pay out both.

Those who bet on it going under eight-and-a-half were technically correct as the scheduled limit was changed to 8.

Those who bet on it going over, were making wagers in good faith that it would remain scheduled for ten as it originally was.

There was no compelling reason to think it was going to end before the halfway mark of a round 9 had there been one. There was also no reason to assume it wouldn't.

So, settling out both.

Don't take this for precedent, though.

Future situations may be handled differently by myself or another vBookie depending on the circumstances (how long before the bout the scheduled rounds change was announced, how many people bet, how much $$ was placed, etc.) I came very close to just abandoning the event and returning all stakes.

This decision, at this time, seems most fair to me.
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