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Default Re: ***Lynchburg*** A Cinderella story of NOT making atmosphere - videos up

Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
Well... Once again I struggled with the weight cut

I only have myself to blame. I didn't eat yesterday or up until the weigh-ins and had to have hot baths with a sweat suit on last night and this morning.

In the build up I felt very tired and weak. I've let myself down a lot. I went there with the intentions of taking gold and ****ed up royaly.

In the semi final I was 7 points up going into the last minute but I had nothing left... Zero! I feel pretty embarrassed to be honest.

In the bronze medal match I had nothing from the start. I was going to pull out before the match as I was seeing black and orange spots but I went through with it.

I've learned my lesson and I'll take some time off from comps to get down in weight and refocus...
Maybe this is the best thing that could of happened to me

Thoughts? Don't be ****s though...



Why would you take time off from competing? Some sort of self punishment? Fear of losing? Don't worry, you're not a Gracie. Losses will not hurt your family's legacy or anything. Losses in grappling competitions are almost meaningless in the long run. If you become a professional mma fighter, then you will want to avoid losing an mma bout.

I wouldn't recommend taking any time off because you're struggling to stay on your diet even with a competition coming up. Just think of how hard it will be knowing that you've put off competing indefinitely and you can just start training tomorrow...or next week...or next month.

I'm a big fat guy that hasn't always been a big fat guy. I'm up and down in weight a lot, but I have been up for a while now. I've recently lost 18 lbs because I'm going to be involved with a local movie project later this year. I still have a lot more weight to go, but were it not for that project, I would probably lose focus and put all of that weight back on.

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