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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
Recommending a keto diet to an athlete? FACEPALM.

Also, define 'eating clean'.
I was on a keto diet for two months while training six days a week (total of 8-10 training sessions per week) and I was fine. I felt like the only hard part was the first 48 hours or so when your body is not yet in ketosis. Extra weight dropped off like a charm and I was surprised how much energy I had in training. I think that when you're on a ketogenic diet, it becomes much more important to time your pre-workout meal right and you need to eat plenty of healthy fats (for example, nuts) before a workout to ensure you have enough fuel to train. When I finally had cut off the extra weight and I found out that I didn't get an opponent in my weight class, I started to load up on carbs every weekend to put on weight. I felt absolutely rejuvenated every monday after the load up and I had no problem "surviving" the approx. 48 hours required before your body goes to ketosis.

There's also different type of a keto diet that some people use, where they load up on carbs before a workout then go zero carb again until their next pre-workout meal, but can't say much about it because I haven't tried.

I have to say though, that eating a basic meal and making sure you hit your macronutrient goals is an easier and simpler way to manage your diet. Atleast for me the keto diet was very demanding to keep up and allows no room for mistakes or cheating, because once you drop out of ketosis, youre out of energy to train.

My definition of a clean diet is pretty much like the one on the "nutrition for boxing"-sticky:
- Plenty of water
- Avoid refined sugar and fast food
- Try to keep the processed food to a minimum and eat natural, whole foods instead
- Plenty of vegetables, some fruit and berries - especially deeper green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and asparagus
- If/when you need filler carbohydrates, try to eat the lower gi-variations, such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta and the likes and avoid things such as white rice, french fries and processed wheat flour pastas etc.

I think that pretty much sums up how a clean diet looks like imo.

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