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Default Re: Is sergio martinez the most athletic white boxer ever?

Originally Posted by southpaw1974 View Post
Latin is not a pure race. Latin people are either white or a mix of white and native American (Asian) and sometimes black (i.e many Puerto Ricans, Brazilians depending on the family genes) He is of Spanish and Greek decent (both countries are in Europe and thus he is white/caucasian). Don't be thrown off by the language he speaks or the fact that he lives in Argentina. I am talking about his DNA.

This is true. . . Sergio looks like he's about 90/10 white caucasian european/amerindian.

Technically, he's white, but then again, by cultural standards, he's not. . . I don't know how people in Argentina consider themselves; in Uruguay I know they consider themselves white (if they are white).

It's ****ed up, but whatever. . . It doesn't really matter. . .

He's not even that slick. . . Balance is just OK. . . He's just got fast hands, and feet. . .
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