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Default Re: Is sergio martinez the most athletic white boxer ever?

I know there are very few 100% pure race people anymore (maybe some Asians since relative to other races they do the least amount of mixing). My point was that the three pure races are black (negroid), white (caucasoid) and Asian (mongoloid) and Latino is a mix of white and Asian (Native American) with occassionally some black mixed in. I don't care where a person lives or what language they speak, if they have European ancestry like Sergio does they are white.

As far as mixed race people like Ward, Obama, and Halle Berry are concerned, the only people that can "claim" them are other mixed race people (black and white) because they are 50% white and 50% black. Lastly, I love how in 2012 here in America people still enforce the racist Jim Crowe one drop rule and someone could be less than 50% black and will be labeled black, but if someone is 90% white and 10% something else people will go "they're not white". How absurd! Pete Sampras is of Greek decent, are you telling me he isn't white? I guess because he is American and doesn't have a Spanish last name he's white but if he did he would be considered "Latino" or "Hispanic". Anderson Silva is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese, are you telling me he isn't black? Look at him!
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