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Default Re: Is sergio martinez the most athletic white boxer ever?

Quick Lesson For All You Morons Who Don't Have A Clue:

Hispanics/Latinos are not a race. It is a cultural designation, again, not a race. Which means Hispanics/Latinos can be White, Black, Asian, Native, Mixed... whatever.

I will now show you three athletes who are HISPANIC, but obviously different races.

"Big Papi", baseball player for the BoSox [Obviously of African descent- i.e. BLACK]

Juan Manuel Del Potro, tennis player from Argentina [Obviously of European descent- i.e. WHITE]

Maradona [Mother was Italian Immigrant and Father was Native Indian, so he's a Mestizo Mix]

All three of the people above are Hispanics/Latinos, but they are different races.

So, yes, Sergio is a Hispanic/Latino, but as far as his race goes... he's definitely European (White). He might have a Native ancestor somewhere in his lineage, though, I don't know his whole history... but just by looking at him you can tell he's of mostly European descent..

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