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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE Final Conflict 2005 for the first time......

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Retarded brand argument again.

I think it's pretty clear form my post that with his already solid resume and his up coming defining fights, Junior is in a very good position to take over Fedor, especially if he beats Cain, Reem and Cormier as opposed to the list of guys you mentioned who cant even slipp a jab
Like I said If these guys can't slip a jab show me Fedors 9 best wins....You are so fast to jump on Fedors balls, show pics of goats and all the other stuff well then you should display for everybody the man you admire so much and his achievments......

But I do agree with you fights with Reem and Cormier will be very telling as well as Cain part 2.
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