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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE Final Conflict 2005 for the first time......

I've had my all time top 5 mma heavyweights set in place for quite a while, and realized that they may need adju$ting recently. For a couple of years it has been Fedor, Nogueira, Cro Cop, Barnett, and Couture. I glanced at Dos Santos' resume a few months back and realized he was already pushing his way in. I love Couture, but I think I can say he is below Dos Santos now. Barnett has a lot more fights, but the fact that he's probably been on gear the whole time pushes me to put Dos Santos above him.

Fedor may have a lot of filler on his resume, but his wins over Nogueira and Cro Cop are what separates him from everyone else. Outside of Fedor, Nogueira has wins against everyone he ever faced in Pride. In fact, had Nog never faced Fedor, he would have the best resume ever. The same could be said of Cro Cop, had he somehow managed to avoid Fedor and Nogueira.

Cro Cop's UFC performances hurt his record some, but it is important to take into account where they took place. Cro Cop is not good in a cage. I realize he is a fighter that hasn't adapted his style as he has aged, but that is not the sole reason from his fall from the top. Cro Cop's grappling is not suited for the cage. The Kongo fight showed us this. However, Cro Cop was more than formidable in the ring, and that is where Fedor defeated him.

Junior Dos Santos may or may not become as great as, or greater than, Fedor. Velasquez may go on to be the same kind of resume maker for Dos Santos that Nogueira and Cro Cop are for Fedor. Time will tell.

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