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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE Final Conflict 2005 for the first time......

Originally Posted by AJAX View Post
when you say resume, I assume you mean if he will win? because it's a fact Nog has the best "resume" of people who he has fought but winning of course is a different thing all together.

But If Dos should beat Cainx2, Reem, and Cormier I don't think anyone can argue that it would be the best HW resume of all time.
Still up there I see, buy a pogo stick, or maybe and industrial vacuum cleaner

Here big letters for you, so you can see it's not a UFC v PRIDE preference

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Re****ed brand argument again.

I think it's pretty clear form my post that with his already solid resume and his up coming defining fights, Junior is in a very good position to take over Fedor, especially if he beats Cain, Reem and Cormier as opposed to the list of guys you mentioned who cant even slipp a jab
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