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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE Final Conflict 2005 for the first time......

Originally Posted by AJAX View Post
when you say resume, I assume you mean if he will win? because it's a fact Nog has the best "resume" of people who he has fought but winning of course is a different thing all together.

But If Dos should beat Cainx2, Reem, and Cormier I don't think anyone can argue that it would be the best HW resume of all time.
The resume line is a call back to a long running joke that if you are not in on, it may take some time to get.

Werdum has been doing a lot for JDS' resume. If Werdum earns another shot, then loses to JDS, it will be another big accomplishment. Cain just demolished Silva. Another big win would make Cain more of a legacy builder, but that is a different discussion. Cormier should be in the UFC soon, and he could become a very big deal.

Beating the aforementioned fighters may make Dos Santos the sport's best ever at heavyweight, but he still needs a little help from those opponents. Those opponents need to keep beating everyone outside of themselves to prove their worth. Nogueira beat everyone outside of Fedor in his prime. Cro Cop beat Barnett 3 times.
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