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Default Re: What fighter would out counter or out skill Whitaker

Originally Posted by young griffo View Post
Are we selling Floyd Mayweather short?

He's a turd (matter of fact Pernell was a ****y **** also) but skill wise he belongs with Whitaker and his counter punching abilities are second to none.

As a matter of fact I'd almost go as far to say he's as good defesively as Pernell. if not better. At 35 he's had barely a legit KD and up until the Cotto fight hadn't ever been busted up in a fight. Mayweather's ability to avoid and counter an opponents blows with shoulder rolls and subtley of head movement (and unerring punch accuracy) is quite magnificent.

Whitaker-Floyd would really be a fight for the connoisseur's but likely to bore the **** out of everyone else and would be a very close match imo.
If Floyd is in the fight, it would be due more to speed than skill. He is clearly not as skilled as Whitaker.
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