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Default Re: Lucas Martin Matthysse vs. Humberto Soto

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
Is any1 going 2 do anything about iceman , ixx and jordan1 exploiting d glitch ? as well as dhenzrae . They create a bad name 2 d rich users .
Such ppl should B permabanned and erased from d site's database 2 erase this stain they put in d lists such as richest users and top paying individual bets and top winners . They made all of this betting thing irrelevant because u don't know who is a real serial winner and who is just a cheater . I'd also end d 75 whenever u have a 0 **** and , reset every1's including my own Vcash and as u c , i reside on d "winning" side of d spectrum , so it's not me complaining because i lost .

Goo ting you ain't runnin tings.
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