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Default Re: Poland.

Głos kraju mataczy - to my Polacy
Glos kraju bez pracy - to my Polacy
Tu zyjac walczysz - to my Polacy
Wiesz co to znaczy - to my Polacy
Bez wodki grymasy - to my Polacy
Stale bez kasy - to my Polacy
Wieczne cwaniaki - to my Polacy
Wiesz co to znaczy- to my Polacy

i wasnt that surprised, ive seen some pretty strange things in poland (no offence intended, you guys know im never offensive about poland or poles). reminds me of when polish cucumbers were too big for EU regulations, so they couldnt be exported not a great comparison to last nights fight, but it was the best i could think of

on a side note, jones getting floored was hard to watch. should he fight wlod, even this version of wlod would likely cause some serious brain damage to RJJ
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