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Default Re: Moore's strategy in the Marciano fight

Originally Posted by Street Lethal
The ref did give Marciano too much time to recover under the rules of the day. As soon as Rocky stood up, the rules at the time state that the ref should have wiped Marciano's gloves off and wave the two back into combat. The referee is still counting even after Rocky is upright.

I don't see the right hand that drops him as an uppercut. It looks like a straight right hand counter. But that's just a small thing.

Moore is winded after the first round. It wasn't his best night.

But what I am asking about is strategy. Did Moore use the right strategy? I don't think he did.
I'm not sure but I think the ref picks up the timekeeper's count which went to four. And Marciano stepped away so the ref went to him. Think Moore claimed the ref gave him an eight-count and yanked his gloves. I agree it was a straight right just thrown downward somewhat. The punch used to puzzle me until I saw him hit Durelle with it.

I noticed Moore got a couple of extra seconds after his first knockdown in the 6th.

As far as strategy, I can't see Moore fighting any differently. Moving to his right would have been a defensive move and he wouldn't have been move all night, Marciano was gonna force him back. On the ropes Moore is a master at rolling and countering problem was he facing a buzzsaw.
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