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Default Re: 3rd fight, any critiquing would be appreciated

There were spots there where you looked pretty good. You know, when he starts that stuff, getting real low and bobbing and weaving, just step back. Don't play along. You tend to throw punches from too far away, especially your right hand. Reaching with that punch will get you nailed. At one point you threw a left uppercut from a mile away and that won't do you much good, either.
When you do your footwork drills, or when you spar, try this...When you move forward, push off your right foot, to propel your left foot. When you move back, push off your left foot, to move your right foot. I think that this will help you keep your feet at the right space apart. You have a tendency to throw a real wide left hook, more of a swing, and your right hand gets real wide as well.
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