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Default Re: Sam Langford vs James Jeffries 1910

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
Because Jeff was viewed as invincible, had never lost, was never decked, had been training for the fight for nearly 2 years, was very convincing in saying he would win, and a lot of folks said he looked very good in training, including all of his sparring partners, who picked him to win easily by KO, plus he was a big strong huge imposing dude who had better results against common opponents, and Johnson was consistently underrated. A lot of folks thought Johnson was about to get his comeuppance and get badly exposed. Again, we can look back now and see it otherwise, now that we know the result, and yes there were plenty who questioned Jeff's ability to come back after being out so long, but there were also a LOT of folks who were convinced Johnson was about to get KO'd by a guy who was so great that he did not need to be at his best to do it. Hence, the fight was huge. It would not have been that big of a deal if folks thought Jeff was some shot shell going in, or else they would not have been so interested. This fight was HUGE. Newspapers had massive daily coverage and ****ysis of this fight and their training for a couple of months before it took place. Again, people bet their hard earned cash on Jeff, and HE was the odds favorite all the way up to the opening bell. If folks thought he was shot and could not come back, they would have bet on Johnson and the odds would have shifted. Folks were that convinced that Jeff would win.
I agree with what you are saying for the common fan but Jeanette and Langford were not only fighters who knew how inactivity effects performance but fighters that fought Johnson so they knew how good he was .. again, I feel their public positions were motivated in part by political correctness and a dislike for Johnson ... as Archie Moore said " they a lll want me to say Marciano was the greatest I ever fought and I often do but it's not the truth, Charie Burley was .. "
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