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Default Re: Sam Langford vs James Jeffries 1910

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Cool down W. Tell me as you state about "a lot of fantasy matches pit 1 man in his prime against another man out of the ring for FIVE tears "?
Post me the numerous matches you cite above of one man in his prime against another man way out of his prime ?...Almost all great fantasy matches assume both fighters were at their bests...
Alright, maybe I was a little harsh, but really (bold)? I didn't say anything along those lines abd youve falsy assumed on what i posted. I said fights that could have happened at the time but didnt, not this specific example that is the same in every caae.

The classic is full of matches like Bowe Vs Tyson in 1991, Old Foreman Vs Mike Tyson, 92 Lewis Vs 92 Bowe. Now was Foeman, Lewis or Tyson in there prime in any of those fights? No. Fights like, prime Hearns/Leonard/Duran/DeLaHoya/Tito/Mosley/Forest/Whitaker etc Vs Floyd are all examples of at least one fighter not being in their prime as these fits would be contested between LW-WW. The body snatcher Vs Eubank at MW is another example of this.
McCallum's prime weight was at LMW so effectively it isn't a prime for prime match up. Hell, there was even an Ali from the Berbick fight Vs Foreman from the Holyfield fight thread.

I could keep going on, but i'll assume you see the point I'm making?
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