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Default Re: Sam Langford vs James Jeffries 1910

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
Plus, I'd like to have a nickel for every time a fighter says the best or toughest guy he fought was someone he beat. Moore didn't get KO'd by Burley, but Marciano beat the hell out of him, and this was after Moore said Rocky was overrated and he would own him. Everyone has a plan until they get in there and get hit and have a guy coming with nonstop power and never getting tired, and not as easy to hit as you thought going in.
One of the great truisms of the sport.

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
Of course, there were those who picked Johnson, like John L. Sullivan, Battling Nelson, and Stan Ketchel, and I think they were just rendering their honest opinions. I don't think a guy is being dishonest if he picks Jeff but being honest if he picks Johnson. Sometimes guys just get it wrong.
Since you are knee deep in all this stuff, was Ketchel in Jeffries' camp? I remember reading somewhere that Ketchel wanted to sucker punch and KO Jeffries during the ring intro's because he had seen him train and knew he was completely shot. Stanley supposedly wanted to save the pride of the white race or some such nonsense.

Also, and not to take the steam out of your upcoming work, what was the veracity of Jim Flynn's contention that the Johnson-Jeffries affair, were it to be held as originally planned in San Francisco, was to be a fix?
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