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Default Re: How good was Davey Moore

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
Very overrated. Had 11 fights for Duran, which in retrospect how could anyone think he would beat Duran, who was still great in those years. As Duran fans say, great enough to take Hagler to 15 rounds.
People really felt Duran has slipped enough by then that they wanted to feed him to a young up and comer who would have a legend on his resume. Clearly they didn't realise Duran had enough left to school Moore, it's a bit like how Top Rank (also the promoter for Duran-Moore I think) felt that B-Hop had slipped enough to be fed to Pavlik. In retrospect, it looks like bonkers match making but at the time, they made sense (I'll concede Pavlik was a lot more experienced but the overall point remains, hindsight is bliss).
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