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Default Re: Sam Langford vs James Jeffries 1910

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
People love to hate on lawyers, and yet, when they need help, who do they call? Seems strange indeed.
Barristers in the UK probably have a better reputation for probity than lawyers in the US.

They dont go in for ambulance chasing to any great extent, neither are we a very litiginous nation compared to the US
As to calling them when in trouble, if it is a legal problem what choice would you have? They have enjoyed a closed shop for 200 years in my country.Until very recently a U K solicitor could not represent a client in court ,that was the sole prerogative of a lawyer.
Anyway enough , it was only a light hearted joke , one I am sure Seamus did not mean personally. Better to laugh with, than be laughed at don't you think?

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