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Default Re: Spinks Vs Norton 1978

Originally Posted by FastHands(beeb) View Post
Norton...period. I remember the politics surrounding this at the time...outrageous the way Norton was sidestepped in '78 by both Ali and Spinks.

As a huge Norton fan I was gutted at the time about this, and the injustice still rankles all these years later...instead of being the rightful linear champ, Ken Norton is remembered by some as the only HW champ neve to have (officially) won a title fight...

Grossly unfair on an excellent fighter, imo...

Norton inside 8 rounds - and that's possibly being generous when you think how Spinks was blasted out by both Coetzee & Holmes...I am not claiming that Kenny could crack with a single shot like Coetzee, but you get my drift...

I see what you mean. Ken could bang harder than Holmes. Although I was/am an out and out Ali fan,I also admired Norton and agree that it's a shame he never wore the linear crown.

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