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Default Re: How good was Davey Moore

How good was Davey Moore? We know how good he was as his record is there for all to good could he have been? Now that's a different question with a different that we'll never know as the Duran fight ruined him...

On one hand for an 11 bout "novice" to fight the post-Cuevas Duran sounds like a gross mismatch, but as a world champion you should be prepared to take all-comers...

If he had been handled differently, more slowly, there may have been a different outcome.

I liked Moore. A good exciting fighter, better offensively than defensively but that was part of the attraction. A good puncher, brave and honest. He wasn't experienced enough to deal with Duran's "old school" tactics (the thumb!), and the dental surgery shortly before the fight was madness.

You have to that in some respects he was badly handled...rushed to the title and matched with Duran (after surgery!!!) too early.
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