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Default Re: How good was Davey Moore

Originally Posted by Dempsey1238 View Post
Moore could have been a good one, I agree he was rush. Wins title in 8 fights, and than he is suppose to end Duran? Kinda of a big step if you think about it. Duran ruin him imo.

Also Moore died young. It was tragic, but if I was in his shoes, I would not have try to stop my car from rolling backwards alone and unsupported like he did.
I have been in that position before when I car starts to roll. You panic a little, so I can see how that happens. It probably happened so fast. I had a car start to slip and it was rolling. I yelled for my neighbor in his house who ran out and another one ran out and we stopped the car. Where I lived many years ago was on a incline,and the car would have rolled down the street. In situations like that you think first about preventing the car from rolling away, and I am sure Davey thought the same as I always did.
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