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Default Re: Journeyman defined for those who don't know

Originally Posted by KTFO
This thread is friggin HILARIOUS!

And it's even gettin better with each new post.

Oh,and BTW, Shavers and Norton definately WERE journeymen.
What's really " friggin HILARIOUS " here, is that with each of your posts, you're reavealing more and more of your ineptitude, as it pertains to boxing terms. You have yet to provide a definition of the word journeyman. So far, the definitions provided by Sonny, Senya and myself do not describe Norton, Shavers, Ellis, Quarry, Mathis or anyone of the sort.

If you're going to apply terminology to your posts, then at least have the intelligence to demonstrate that you have a working knowledge of the jargin that you use.

That's the way debates are done my man......Plain and simple......
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