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Default Re: Anyone know about Polish heavy Artur Szpilka?

Originally Posted by VanillaKilla View Post
Poles are starving for the "Next Big Thing"(We have never had HW champ), So we have already crowned Artur...
not the Poles, just the minority unfortunately they are the most loud and aggressive arguing about it
most people in Poland see nothing special in Szpilka at this point, of course he is probably the best except Adamek at heavyweight division in Poland but thats all, we almost all see its far to early to say something for sure

Originally Posted by VanillaKilla View Post
His Mcline fight, has proven to me that he is overrated... May he be champ one day? Sure if the Klits retire.

Is he a once a decade talent? NO
He is a decent prospect that may become a very good HW

He is progressing along very well at this stage of his career, but he is no elite talent
thats exactly how I and most of polish fans see it, its just happened that most of polish guys on this forum are often being far from dispassionate when they deal with something that apply to Poland, and they also unnecessarily go into personal/national exchanges, sometimes I really feel like the misunderstanding come from lack of english language in some cases, its not only our national attribute to be fair

Originally Posted by VanillaKilla View Post
Please, stop defending Artur like he is you're family member... As of now, he is a good prospect with the ability to become a title holder after the Klits retire.. He is no ATG

I see nothing special in him, he looked impressive against bums, the first time he fought decent opponent he looked scared and nothing special, although he doesn't looked as bad as some here say

finally he only had less then 25 rounds in his entire career, mccline over 300 so his experience was much bigger

I guess these polish guys just feel that Artur and other polish fighters are attacked more then they deserve, it seemed that nobody is being attacked like that, for example Wilder or Povietkin who has been avoiding Wlad like for 4years now?
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