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Default Re: Moore's strategy in the Marciano fight

Originally Posted by Street Lethal
Moore is either circling to his left on purpose or allowing Marciano to maneuver him to the path of Marciano's right hand. It seems like Archie is either trying to avoid the left hook or pull Marciano into his own right hand or both. Moore does catch Marciano with the right and Marciano misses lots of left hooks, but Moore is right in the path of Marciano's money punch. Why didn't Moore circle to Marciano's left? He could have stayed out of Marciano's range and then use his educated left to keep Marciano off balance. Rocky would have had to lunge and Moore could have caught him coming in (which he did a lot, but he could have done it even more). I think Moore made a big mistake here.

Moore slugs with Marciano when hurt. Why didn't Moore clinch more? Did he want to draw Marciano into a slugging match? He was hitting Marciano often, but Marciano could take those shots and his youth and stamina allowed him to keep going whereas Moore would fade. Archie's instincts were good in the exchanges, but his reflexes were slow. He seemed to be mistiming Rocky's rhythm and as a result he was getting clocked. This was another of Moore's big mistake.

Maybe this has already been discussed here, but do people think that had Moore circled to Marciano's left and had tied Rocky up more that he could have outpointed Marciano? I think he would have lasted longer in the fight, but I am not sure I think he could have one. What do you think?
I'm not positive exactly why he was doing what he was doing, but the man was one of the most experienced fighters in history and had close to 200 pro bouts under his belt with literally dozens against future champs and Hall-of-Famers, and was one of the greatest boxing masters the sport has ever seen, so I expect he knew what he was doing, and I think it would be a little pretentious to think that I know better than him what he should have done.

And no, Moore was not going to win that fight. You're misrepresenting the content of the match- Marciano won nearly every round aside from the second, in which he suffered a balance flash-knockdown, floored Moore four times and was plainly head and shoulders the better man. Moore circling the other way, even if it were a more advisable strategy, isn't going to reverse a gap like that.
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