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Default Re: Monte Barrett vs. Shane Cameron

Conflicted about this fight. I want Cameron to win because I like him, but realistically an on-form Barrett is too good for him. Barrett looked pretty good at the weigh-in and seems full of confidence.

On the undercard is a chick fight between NZ's version of Kim Kardashian and a girl from the Australian version of Jersey Shore.

Jaime Ridge (NZ's Kim) is a vacant bimbo whose father is a famous ex-All Black and whose mother is known for marrying first a NZ rep cricket player and then an NZ rep rugby player. She divorced them both within a few years. And she has made literally the dumbest, most infuriating comments I've seen anyone make this year.

After her daughter's opponent wrote the following on Facebook:

Originally Posted by Rosanna Arkle
"Pretty ****ed off finding out that my opponent has completely ignored instructions to loose 5kg for our fight while ive been striving to get from 52kg to 55kg,"
Pretty fair complaint ahead of a boxing match I'd say, especially if the match is at 130 pounds and your opponent is naturally 15 pounds bigger than you.

Then this gold-digging ***** responded on behalf of her daughter:

Ridge's mother Sally Ridge has come to her daughter's defence, calling comments about her weight "disgusting".

Originally Posted by What a ****ing moron
"Losing weight is not Jaime's number one priority, she's a healthy young kid, why would she need to lose weight? She's not doing this fight to go on a blinking diet,"

"I am just absolutely shocked and Jaime's really upset about it, and clearly I'm really upset about it as well."

"She is 100 per cent focused and I take my hat off to her and it's really sad that it's come to this because she's put 100 per cent into this and I think it's incredibly unfair that it's come to this."
Yeah, it's "incredibly unfair" that your opponent wants you to fight at an agreed weight, instead of being a couple of weight classes up. Because asking for that is incredibly unusual in boxing and is clearly a personal insult to her daughter.

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