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Default Re: Moore's strategy in the Marciano fight

Originally Posted by Duodenum
His best chance came when he floored Marciano with the hardest scoring punch of his career (and, believe it or hot, very possibly the hardest single scoring punch ever landed in a Marciano fight, if as Tiger Ted Lowry stated, Moore, and not Marciano, was the hardest puncher he ever fought). Archie's punch of a career only resulted in a momentary touch to the deck. (Nobody ever knocked Rocky on his back.)
You can't reasonably establish that Moore likely hit harder than Marciano on the basis of only one opponent's opinion/experience- for example, Larry Holmes says Ken Norton and Gerry ****ey hit him harder than Tyson, and(I believe it was) Oliver McCall claimed that Buster Douglas hits harder than Lewis or Tyson. There have been numerous instances in which common opponents have contradicted each other about who hit harder between two given fighters. George Foreman has claimed at various times that Ron Lyle, Gerry ****ey and at least one other opponent hit him the hardest- Marciano also couldn't seem to make up his mind. Based on their careers, I think it's fairly clear Marciano hit harder than Moore.

Moore claimed that Harry Kessler's illegal standing eight count of Marciano after he stood back up cost Archie his chance to win the title, but I don't buy it.
Kessler didn't give Marciano a standing-eight count(in fact, you can find any number of delays after knockdowns longer than that one from the same era about which no funny business was claimed), and Marciano was in no serious trouble, so yes, this is a bit of tall-tale baloney on Moore's part.

When the Mongoose graduated to that ring in the sky, three clips from his career were shown on news and sportscasts. The first was his KD of Marciano (which surprised an awful lot of folks who were somehow under the impression that Rocky had never been decked).
When you've only been decked once in 48 professional fights, of course it's a surprise if you go down.

The other two clips were of Yvon Durelle flooring Archie (with what Moore said was the hardest punch he was ever hit by), and the Mongoose coming back to flatten Durelle for the count. Not a bad way for a boxing career to be encapsulated in memoriam. That he dropped the mighty and invincible Brockton Blockbuster down to his knees for just an instant is good enough for me.
Personally, I think that, say, a clip or two from his heroic title fight with Johnson would have been better-suited. The Marciano knockdown is famous, but too much is made of it- it was just a flash two-count as a result of an off-balance lunge by Rocky and a powerful, perfectly-timed counter by Moore. Nothing to scoff at, but Moore had far more glorious moments in his career than that.
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