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Default Re: Quitali Was A Spent Force By The End Of The 6th vs Lewis

Originally Posted by mad*****ter View Post
The trolling is just too obvious. If you want to troll, do it with a bit of tongue-in-cheek wittiness instead of this lame childish barrage of caps-lock mental masturbation. Getting old real quick.
Stfu ***got *****.

You want me to write out a semi readable paragraph?

A past prime, inactive, fat, 260 pounds, under trained version of Lennox Lewis won rounds 4 5 and 6. 85% of Press Row Scoring had the fight 3-3 going into the 7th. Vitali got hit with an uppercut and pretty much clinched with blood flowing from his face for 2 minutes straight to end the 6th.
He was going blind, you stupid monkey. You can lie all you want and say 'Vitali could have gone on and survived the fight, but it don't change the fact that the risks of blindness was there and it was high enough of an risk for the doctors to stop the fight.

I wish the doctors never stopped the fight so Lennox can end this mother ****er's health in the ring that night so you morons can just cry how Big Bad Lewis is a murderer.

Stupid ****, Go **** yourself if you think I'm trolling on this topic.

Yes. I realize this topic have been done to death, but there's dozens of sub topics involving the tko6 that we can still talk about and dissect for YEARS and YEARS to come.
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