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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Just watched Pride Final Conflict 2003.

Gary Goodridge vs. Dan Bobish

Dan "The Bull" Bobish comes out trying to live up to his nickname. He pushes forward with his arms out, I suppose looking for a takedown. He is poked in the eye, and as he complains to the ref, who appears to not care at all, Goodridge follows up his brilliantly placed poke with a barrage of punches, and the very compassionate ref is forced to step in and save The Bull from further punishment. It's all over in eighteen seconds. At the beginning of this fight, it is noted that Goodridge didn't train as hard for this fight, as he was beaten so quickly in his last effort against Fedor, and he trained very hard for that fight. That is the most re****ed thing I have ever heard. Perhaps it was this line of thinking that led to Gary being the poster boy for brain damage in mixed martial arts?

Chuck Liddell vs. Rampage Jackson

Dana White in the commentary booth for this battle. He predicts that Rampage is going to get lit up. Little does he know, he will be sorely disappointed in a matter of minutes. The fight opens with both exchanging jabs. In the early minutes, Chuck's offence looks nice and crisp, but he is still getting tagged by some big bombs. He is eating shots that would have certainly knocked him out later in his career, proving that his chin used to be excellent. Striking looks fairly even so fa, but the more telling blows are definitely being thrown by Rampage. Dana complains about the pace being very slow but that simply isn't true. Rampage flurries, forcing Chuck back peddling across the ring, where Rampage meets him with a takedown. They are very briefly on the ground, though, as Chuck displays his excellent ability to get back to his feet. Rampages stalks Chuck the corner where he lands a big right hand that floors him but he quickly gets back to his feet. Chuck is visibly shaken by the onslaught. The round ends with another takedown from Rampage. Dana sounds very disappointed and worried. A great round, packed with action.

The second round starts with Rampage forcing Chuck to the corner, where he is met with a halfhearted guillotine attempt. While he is having a lot of success in the stand up, he appears to want the fight on the mat. Rampage drops Chuck again, and yet again, he makes his way back to his feet. Unfortunately for him, he is met with another takedown. From here, Rampage unleashes some brutal ground and pound, mixing his attacks brilliantly between the body and the head. Everything Rampage is throwing is absolutely brutal. Chuck's corner is forced to throw in the towel, ending the fight. Chuck doesn't protest the stoppage.

Definitely one of Rampage's best performances. I think that everybody misses seeing this Rampage.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Hidehiko Yoshida

Wanderlei opens up with some wild swinging, and the Olympian quickly takes him to the mat. Despite being on the bottom, he is landing some nice shots. Silva scrambles and finds himself in a nice position for a triangle. Yoshida works his way out and into side control, but Silva probably should have been able to finish that triangle, as he was in perfect position. Silva works his way back to his feet, and lands a takedown of his own. Yoshida is fishing for armbars, and Silva is wary of opening up with his ground and pound. Not a lot of action from either man, and they are restarted in the centre. Yoshida adjusts his gi, and Silva appears frustrated. Silva gets up from guard and punishes Yoshida's legs with hard kicks. Back on the feet, they exchange some blows before clinching up. Again, Yoshida secures the takedown. He rains down some nice shots after working for a neck crank. The round ends with Wanderlei landing a heavy up kick. Silva is definitely having some trouble with Yoshida's judo and overall grappling aptitude.

The second opens with Silva once again swinging wildly, which makes it easy for Yoshida to clinch up, where he shoots for yet another takedown. He is unsuccessful this time around, and he pays for his error with big knees. Yoshida stands back up, and Silva lands a huge left head kick, which is thus far the biggest blow of the fight. Silva follows up with a knee to the head, and they exchange some more wild punches.The tides have turned, and Silva is rapidly taking over. In every exchange, both guys are swinging for the fences, but it appears that Silva is landing more of his shots, and Yoshida seems to be tiring. Yoshida tries for a sloppy takedown, which is always an awful idea against a guy like Wanderlei under Pride rules, as he is met with a brutal knee the face which stands him back up, where he is once again the recipient of a left high kick. Yoshida is showing a very good chin, as he is taking a lot of damage. Yoshida falls to his back afar the high kick, and Silva chooses to follow him to the ground. In the final seconds, Yoshida is able to sweep Silva and land in his full guard, but it is far too late for it to make any difference.

Definitely a closer fight than anyone would have expected at the time. Silva certainly did more damage, and the decision is fair. If the judges had given the fight to Yoshida, I'm not sure if he would have been able to continue to the final round against Rampage.

Dan Henderson vs. Murilo Bustamante

Hendo comes out aggressive, throwing everything with power, in typical Den Henderson style. Murilo is clearly uncomfortable on the feet against Hendo, and opts to shoot for a takedown. As Murilo shoots, there is a pretty clear clash of heads, and as he lands, Hendo rocks him even further with a big left knee. He follows up with some quick ground and pound, and the ref steps in to save him from further damage. Destructive performance from Hendo.

Kevin Randleman vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

The first two strikes of the fight are wilds misses by Saku. Randleman is determined to wrestle him the mat, and he does so with relative ease. He is unable to accomplish much with the takedown, however, and Saku works his way back to his feet after a couple of uneventful minutes. It's funny to hear that there was Sakuraba retirement talk all the way back in 2003. Randleman shoots again and is successful. Saku works for a triangle for a couple of minutes and Randleman is content to pepper with minor blows. It appears to be s stalemate in this position. In the last thirty seconds, Kevin finally works his way out of the triangle position, but is unable to do much afterwards. A very uneventful round.

The second round opens with Saku rushing in sloppily and getting clipped with a big left hand that drops him. Randleman lands a leg kick that clearly bothers Saku, who has both knees bandaged. Saku answers with some nice leg kicks of his own, followed by a left head kick that is partially blocked and caught, which allows Kevin to take the fight back to the mat. They land in the position that they spent the majority of the first round in, but Kevin is quicker this time around in escaping the potential triangle. Kevin again peppers with some less than impressive ground and pound, the round ends with the two once again the stalemate, triangle position. A better round, but still pretty uneventful.

The third starts with both guys once again being tentative in the standup. Randleman scores another takedown, but Saku is able to get back to his feet only to be taken down yet again. Saku works for a kimura, but Kevin rolls out, only to find himself in an armbar attempt. He tries to roll out, but actually rolls into a worse position, and Saku is able to straighten out the arm and finish. A good comeback performance from Saku, but the fight overall was pretty lacklustre. A very slick finish from Saku.

Cro Cop vs. Big Nog

The fight opens with Nog frantically circling away from Cro Cop's power. He shoots in and pulls guard. Nog is being very active from his guard, constantly trying to set up submissions, and landing some ok looking hammerfists. Cro Cop has done very little from guard, probably not wanting to open himself up for submissions. He quickly rips himself from Nog's guard and gets up. Cro Cop goes hight/low with left kicks, missing his first to the head, and nailing Nog's body with the second. Mirko lands some solid left straights. He displays his great TDD as Nog is desperate to drag it to the ground. Mirko is picking Nog apart with power shots. Things are looking grim for bloodied up Nog. Nog's offence consists of shooting for sloppy takedowns and trying to pull guard, but he has been very unsuccessful. Cro Cop has landed several very big left body kicks throughout the round. At the end of the round, Cro Cop lands his patented LHK, and Nog is floored. The bell rings before he can follow up.

Nog opens the second with a successful double leg, and he works his way to full mount where he begins to rain down punches. Cro Cop bucks up and tries to roll out, but Nog is able to catch his arm. He completes the armbar. A quintessential Big Nog fight, with the comeback submission. Cro Cop looked incredible in the first round, but he got sloppy on the ground, and you just can't do that against a guy like Nogueira.
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