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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Rampage vs. Wanderlei

They both come out swinging, and Rampage ducks in and lefts Silva for a takedown. Silva grabs and holds onto a guillotine and Rampage gently lowers him to the ground, in very un-Rampage-like fashion. He breaks out of the submission attempt, and starts with some ground and pound. After a few minutes of control from Rampage, Silva throws up an armbar attempt, but Rampage escapes and lands some heavy knees from half guard. Wanderlei retains closed guard, and Rampage postures up and rains down with some eyes catching punches. The ref stands them up, but Rampage was being fairly active from the top. Wanderlei connects with some wild punches and staggers Rampage with a knee from the clinch. Rampage finds himself stick in Silva's clinch, where he eats countless huge knees to the chin. Absolutely relentless offence from Silva, and Rampage is overwhelmed. Rampage hits the floor, and receives two big soccer kicks before getting back up and finding himself right back in Silva's clinch. The two exchange smiles, because they are clearly insane. The ref jumps in as the onslaught continues. A brilliant, violent performance from The Axe Murderer. One of his career defining victories.

All in all, a fantastic event with some ATG battles. The only fight that even comes close to boring is Randleman/Saku, and even that ended with a very nice finish. Definitely one of Pride's best events.
This is probably my favorite card of all time.
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