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Default Re: Anyone know about Polish heavy Artur Szpilka?

Originally Posted by jacklondon View Post
My #2 pet peeve about boxing, after corruption, is the absurd weight division setup - the little squirts have weight div's separated by an absurd 3 or so pounds whereas a feller weighing 201 is supposed to be in the same div as a guy a head taller and 50 or 100 pounds more. A guy weighing 176 also is in the same div as 199, but then you have the stupid super middleweight div with only 7 pound borders, 168-175. Totally illogical.


I think the CW limit should be increased, and there should just be an actual super heavy division, I wonder what that would do for boxing. Although at the same time I can see that being **** since there are only a couple guys with those type of Klitschko parameters.
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