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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Condit VS Kampmann

Round 1
Kampann got the first TD, went for a guillotine but Condit manage to get out, both get up, now it's Condit that take Kampann down...then reversal from Kampann then he try to go for a heel hook but he is reversed by Condit, big knee from Condit when Kampann try to get up. Condit has the edge on the feet for the moment. With the 20 sec mark Condit attempt a trip, Kampann reverse it then go for a guillotine but no success.

Close round, again depending on the criteria...Condit got the most significant strike manage to take down Kampmann and landed some G'n'P.

Kampann took down Condit several time, went for 2 or 3 sub but didn't work....

I give the round to Condit but I can see the judges giving it to Kampann

Round 2
Kampann take Condit down again, manage to land some G'n'P...Condit gets up after spending almost 2 min on his back. Condit take Kampann down again and he land some shot but Kampann get back and then Condit take him down again in a guillotine again, Condit get out, manage to take Kampann back go for a RNC loose it then Kampann end up in Condit guard and the second round finish there.

Condit did spend the first 2 min on his back...but again he got the better of Kampann on his feet and manage to control the rest of the round.

though call on this one too...but I give it to Condit to...

so it's 2-0

Round 3
Some exchange on the feet at the start of the round, then Kampmann take Condit down, land some G'n'P, Condit try to got for an armbar but it doesn't work. Kampmann still landing some shot from the top. Condit gets up but Kampann drag him to the ground again. Condit try to go for a Kimura but can't get it locked. Condit go for a heel hook Kampann run from it, then Condit get up...but is taken down by Kampann again...Condit get up and go for a guillotine with less then 10 sec to go on the clock.

This round is going to Kampann...he got the dominant position for most of the fight and manage to control where the fight was takin place.

So 2-1

Not the greatest Condit performance...

I don't see any robbery there, the second round could have gone either way !
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