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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

Fullbody workouts with some of them focusing on plyometric movements and some with just free weights.

What's important to know when you are training fullbody workouts is that your overall volume of the workout should be quite low in order to recover well. Also it's not need to go to failure in every set. Just stop when 1-2 reps before your absolut last rep.

Workout A :

3 set per exercise

Benchpress / dumbell press ( incline or regular)
Chins / rowing exercise
Dips / skullcrusher
Barbell / dumbell curl
Squats / deadlifts /
Calf presses

Workout B

Pushups with a clap
Medicineball throw
Jump squats, long jumps and frog jumps
Cable punches
Calf jumps

Same here around 3 sets per exercise. Work on maximazing each rep to the fullest ( exploding up when jumping, throwing as hard as you can etc.)
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