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Default Re: Could Ali Get Away With This Against Wlad?

This thread is a joke. A pretty funny one.

Wlad is suddenly a better athlete than Ali!
Ali has never faced an athlete like Wlad? Ha.ha.ha. Ken Norton was x2 times the pure athlete and boxer that Wlad was hands down...but look at these idiots who want to believe different..
Frazier suddenly has 'bad defense' Thats rich...
Joe Bugner is suddenly a 'part time boxer' and being counted-out.. Bugner fought from his teenage years out far past his prime in the best Era of boxing, his career is full of victories that mirror or are better than Wlads but some suckers here think Bugner isn't any good. Bugner would have Wlads record easily in todays world...

then we got some clown who claims he started watching boxing in the 50's then put's Ali and Wlad in the same sentence as 'the best heavyweights'. If he isn't out right lying then he is proving that he is senile now, or has always been a bad boxing ****yst.

Then you get all these pure idiots rambling off the names of boxing's famous fighters (Lyle, Terrell, Foreman) as somehow indicators to why Wlad stands a chance. These guys are the worst. Wlad has faced only ONE serious boxer in his entire life, a disinterested, unmotivated Lennox..and got TKO6. If Lennox actually had been in his prime he would have damn near killed Wlad, but people want to pretend he'd have a chance against Shavers, Liston, Norton..Frazier, Lyle, etc...

Ali was x2 athlete Wlad is, x2 times the fighter, x5 the champion, most of Ali's notable opposition couldn't even use 99.9% of Wlads opposition as sparring partners, Ali proved his could stand in wars with boxing's best and come out on top. In FOTC, in deep waters, championship rounds, Ali gets up from a punch that would have knockedout most fighters - after spending all of 1 second on the mat, to finish the fight strong...and you bums want to cast Wlad in his shadow?

Could Ali has done what he did to Bugner to Wlad? Sure he could have. It didn't win him the fight against Bugner -Ali's superior boxing skills did-, and it wouldn't 'win' the fight against Wlad but Ali's superior boxing skills would. Thats the answer to your question OP.

Has there ever been a more predictable heavyweight, a more methodical puncher than Wlad after the 60's? ...Probably not. If much of boxing is muscle memory + condition, and then skill..then there is absolutely 0 chance that Wlad beats Ali on points. None, what so ever. Ali would shuffle, float, right lead, stick and move and just pummel Wlad for 15 rounds...

Enjoy Klit where he is..In the worst era of heavyweight boxing the 'living' world has ever seen. Nothing is wrong with that. But don't pretend that Wlad matches up with the GOAT. Thats just stupidity. If Wlad was alive back then his record at best would have been alot like Bugners, and Bugner ending at 83-13 didn't do half bad.
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