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Default Re: Tito Ortiz, where do you rank him in LHW history

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
He got injured, got old and despite evolving he didn't quite have the ability or tools to stay legendary into the next era. Just imagine if his triangle stayed locked on Machida, just imagine if his guillotine locked on Evans. Just imagine if he didn't lose the point against Evans the first time. Even against Griffin, he would have big moments but by and large he needed a bit of luck to make up for his lack of ability and tools. I always thought average stamina hurt him because what ability he did have needed to be combined with tenacity.

Nevertheless, he still has the most defences in LHW history and his record still has Ws next to names like Silva, Tanner, Matyushenko, Shamrock, Cote, Belfort and Griffin.
Evolved? When did Tito ever evolve? He was a basic single leg double leg wrestler who looked for the takedown and then smashed you up with brutal elbows and GnP. That was pretty much all it ever was from him. In that respect id place him on the same level as every guy that ever come out of Hammerhouse.
That said its hard to have him in the top 10 even despite his name, fame and making the UFC a name brand. That guy along with Chuck was once the face of the brand. He also has some great wins. His most significant win was probably over Ken. In probably one of the most brutal displays of GnP he literally destroyed whatever hype Ken had left.
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