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Default Re: Tito Ortiz, where do you rank him in LHW history

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Yeah it was a bit before my time but I caught up with it on the replays on bravo back in the day

Didnt he also stall with contract negotiations to before Randy did him a favour...apparently
Tito had ZERO interest. Dana wanted to make the fight. Fans were begging for the fight. Liddell even came into the Octagon after one of Tito's fights and pointedly told him to take the fight. Tito came back with some bull**** about he needed to rehab some injurys or some *******s. There was a lot of bad blood between those two and the feud was real. Chuck was jealous of Tito's prestige, fame and the belt he coveted as well as Tito being the face of the UFC commanding top dollar. And Tito really played the heel well and was equally vilified and loved by others. He was a brash, mouthy and was hated in equal measure.
I don't recall those contract negotiations but i do recall Tito almost getting involved in a brawl after he fought Belfort i think in the cage with Liddell and Shamrock. Long and short was he mouthed off and both got in the cage to give it back. Was a great Promo for the UFC.
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