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Default Re: Tito Ortiz, where do you rank him in LHW history

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Yeah it was a bit before my time but I caught up with it on the replays on bravo back in the day

Didnt he also stall with contract negotiations to before Randy did him a favour...apparently
Just had a snoop through my collection and it was UFC 40 it happened at dude. Ortiz started a contract dispute with the UFC as he didn't want to fight Chuck and he was hoping he would make millions off the bout. To be fair to him he and Chuck were very close. But Dana and Lorenzo knew the kind of money that bout would make, and the promotion around that time was hemorrhaging cash.
Chuck though was pretty much a throw back and was happy to fight despite their 'friendship'. Tito on the other hand was a businessman and wanted the money. He did feel betrayed by it all but the reality was he knew he was going to loose his title, as Chuck and Tito routinely rolled together and every time Chuck owned him in the gym.
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