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Default Re: *Grzegorz Proksa*

Originally Posted by Faerun View Post
Pole**** logic. It's mind-boggling.
Why do you bother posting in this thread? We already know you don't like any Polish fighters, people, or Poland, so you don't need to reassert yourself.

Are you just attention whoring for responses?

If so, why not just stay in the general or the lounge? Why infect one of the only normal boxing forums left on this site with your garbage? We already shown that you have nothing to contribute, so what you type is just worthless.

Since you hate Polish so much, why do you spend most of your time on these forums looking for threads about Polish fighters or anything Poland related to spill your garbage in?

Oh, I know. Because there are no threads about actual German fighters for you, or anybody else to comment in.

Why are you so mad?
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