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Default Re: So Pacquiao Doesn't Agree to Extra Tests Until 2 Years Later?

Originally Posted by ThaWiseJester View Post
I was not one to believe the hype about Pac roiding,but I mean cmon,you feel like a tea spoon or 2 of blood is going to weaken you.. When he did the test for Morales that he said made him weak not being weakened,it was due to being out boxed... I do have my suspicions though,because only in this sport can you say "I wont take the test" but in other sports you decline that makes you look guilty in my book.

Oh one more thing,they will gladly try to weaken their opponents by catch weights,or getting them at the right time but Manny can't even spill a lil blood for $40,000,000.. Oh yeah I know "He said he will take it" well anyone can say they will do something,means **** until they do..
Exactly. Even to this day Pac doesn't do random testing. That would be a huge step and would make him look good, and still hasn't.
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