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Default Re: So Pacquiao Doesn't Agree to Extra Tests Until 2 Years Later?

Originally Posted by ashl3y72 View Post
if Pac had just flat out said "No, I don't want to do extra tests because it's not required" It would have been OK imo, but the lies and excuses afterwards....

and then now all of a sudden they are willing?! So all of the stuff in the past really was just lies and excuses then?
Thats what he did, he said no we will do what the commissions require the excuses of being afraid of needles his own blood ect... Came after that when questioned about the testing.

But they simply stated we are not going to do anything that the commission does not require.

My question for you is, since he has agreed finally to do the testing do you not see a pattern here with Floyd? I mean since Manny agreed what did Floyd do? he offered Manny a ****ty ass 40 million No PPV knowing damn well Floyd would be told to **** himself so you tell me who doesnt want the fight...... I think both guys are honestly ducking each other
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