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Default Re: So Pacquiao Doesn't Agree to Extra Tests Until 2 Years Later?

Originally Posted by whirlwind View Post
LMAO at these floydiots strike again. Can you guys tell us when was the last Floyd invented test caught someone using PEDs in boxing. NONE! He said the urine testing is useless that is why he asked for special test and yet Berto and Peterson were caught by the useless urine testing and none from the coward testing.
Hey Pac**** it is about the PROTOCOL not the type of sample collection. In EVERY instance that someone was caught cheating? It was the same protocol FMJ asked for.

You can pretend all you want. The world sees Pac is basically a fraud and it is becoming clearer and clearer that Pac was ducking. Either from drug testing, an ass kicking, or BOTH!
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