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Default Re: Sonnen vs Silva II Fixed ??


the majority of comments are for the fix
i like these ones :

Finally, it's nice to be able to engage with intelligent fans. Damn right the fight was fixed. Look at the facts: Sonnen has been 'training' with Steve Austin for years. It was a secret before Michael Landsberg revealed it on OTR. Dana White has met with Vince McMahon on a few occasions behind closed doors. There isn't one clear still camera shot or video angle that shows how that knee landed.

Look at Sonnen's hands during the knee strike. Why is he not covering up his face if he's about to eat a knee? His hands are placed in a way to cover up where the knee is actually landing. It's all well-executed camera work, just like pro wrestling, they hide the controversial impact shots with clever camera angles and camera switching.


lol i dont watch wwe but that seems very unlikely
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