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Default Re: The Silva vs Fedor rivalry

Originally Posted by SkillsSoSmooth View Post
That argument doesn't stack up considering Andersons started his career at WELTER WEIGHT!! , futhermore can someone provide the link that confirms that Anderson has been cutting from 220? because i could have sworn i read the other day that it was around 205, and when think about people like Jon Jones who enters the cage well over that weight i can't see how anyone could argue that Anderson belongs in that division,

The man cuts weight EASILY every fight, infact he's had less problems than the likes of Sonnen who has looked drained in his last two fights,

Lastly the goat argument should be about skills and results, and when you look at Fedor being ko'd by the likes of Henderson then it doesn't reflect well on the notion that he's the "best ever".
Anderson has fought in middleweight for years and years with no end in sight.

You know full well that Anderson was pretty much in the same weight range, all he has to do is take a dump to loose that 5lbs he had to loose to go from one weight to another. He hasnt challenged himself in the higher weight range.

He can and should fight in LHW, he can make the weight, but he is ducking in a weak division and isnt even going to other promotions. Afterall he did loose to cans in Asia and now prefer to fight worse CANS in the UFC.
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