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Default Re: David Haye vs. Derek Chisora

Originally Posted by Samurai's Slice View Post
Holy **** who put the giant bet on Haye???
Originally Posted by Uncle Roger View Post
Ban all these fools with illegal vcash

Originally Posted by ImElvis666 View Post
WTF is up with these cheating ****s ruining the fun.
Yes , i 2 support banning of cheaters who ruin d fan and d credibility of this game .

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
...although the mods probably won't

They keep not doing anything, but are aware of the problem. This is like the sixth event in a row that jordan has bet huge chunks of glitch cash on, unpunished.
jordan1 , ixx , iceman , all d "Richest People" and then some .

D problem is that besides of d glitch there r yet more holes in d vBookie , like it being a "forgiving system" 4 1 . But even if i should accept it (and i don't) then it's still **** even as a forgiving system . it should have paid d 75 only 4 those who really have 0 in all open bets , and not 2 every1 who goes all in .

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Pretty sure I mentioned that as a possibility to the mods about 5 years back. Figure there are a lot of sites that use vBulletin forums, and a lot of them have vBookie set up. This must be a common problem. You'd think the ESB powers that be would look into it. Guess not.

Originally Posted by unproductive View Post
Uh. ****. I put a bet on Haye and refreshed because my internet was being gash and now I've got 18446744073709550266 vCash.

Just gonna go ahead and ***** whatever I shouldn't have on the draw in the Mundine fight since I expect less people give a **** about that one.

Mama didn't raise no thief.

Sorry chaps!
Problem is there's not such a bad chance that that 1 will turn in2 a draw .

Originally Posted by ixx View Post
My cash is glitch cash as well, I can' call fights well enough to earn that much. The glitch is placing your last 75 on whatever then clicking bet now as many times as you can.
this 1 is a serial cheater who ruins all d fun as was said b4 .
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