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Default Re: Who Do You Rate Higher: Jack Dempsey or Jack Johnson ??

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
I think Dempsey was a bit better. At his peak, he was a genuine destroyer with fast hand, and power in both mitts. Johnson's title matches were mostly jokes, he skirted top level competition as champion, and when he fought guys with some skill who were not old, too light, or too green, he lost 1. ( Klondike, Choynski, Hart, Griffin )

I do think both guys had uneven careers, and from an objective sense that ignores nostalgia, are over rated.2. Dempsey is still in my top ten. Johnson, is not.
For the record.
1.Is it your contention that Johnson was prime when he lost to
Klondike,Choynski,Hart ,and Griffin?

2. I don't think we need to lose any sleep over that.

"He was the greatest catcher of punches that ever lived.
And, he could fight all night.
He was a combination of Jim Corbett ,and Joe Louis,I'm glad I did not have to fight him."

Jack Dempsey ,speaking about Jack Johnson.
Your "opinion " appears to be at variance with those who are considered experts .
Eddie Futch Has Ali, Louis and Johnson as the best 3 of all time. So does Ali himself.

Tracy Callis has Johnson over Ali.

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