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Default Re: Shadowboxing is the most underrated form of training

Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
I didnt really know what i was doing with shadowboxing until i had sparred, but yeah now i know what im supposed to be doing its great
Same here. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't really "visualize" my opponent while shadowboxing at first. It's probably because up until that point I've never had an opponent, so my shadowboxing seemed more robotic and drill-based. It's amazing how much more natural it felt after just one sparring session, and how much it continues to improve the more I spar. I think shadowboxing inside the ring helped me a lot more with the visualization than sparring in front of a mirror too.

I decided to record myself shadowboxing today to see if I can pick up on any mistakes or areas that need improvement. It's the first time I've ever seen myself box and I've already noticed some bad habits that I never knew I had.
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